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Sheiner Group is a Montreal-based, privately held real estate investment organization.  Established in 1976, Sheiner Group specializes in the acquisition and development of multi-family residential and retirement communities, as well as commercial real estate assets throughout the United States and Canada.


As a creative and forward-thinking organization, Sheiner Group brings vast experience, acumen, and enhanced value to every venture. The company’s vision and flexibility combined with its internal infrastructure and private financial strength allows it to capitalize quickly on medium and large-scale opportunities, absent of bureaucracy or delay producing substantial returns for themselves and their investors.


Our passion is creating value by investing in emerging markets and executing in-depth architectural and design programs. With assets across the US and Canada, our portfolio is composed of residential, multi-use, commercial, land, and in-development projects.

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Investment Opportunities

4119 Sherbrooke St. O

Montreal, QC H3Z 1A7


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